Hot Filter Khaini

Khaini is generally made from sun-dried or fermented coarsely cut tobacco leaves. The tobacco used for khaini is from N. rustica and/or N. tabacum. The tobacco leaves are crushed into smaller pieces. A pinch of tobacco is taken in the palm of the hand, to which a small amount of slaked lime paste is added. The mixture is then rubbed thoroughly with the thumb. Khaini is usually prepared by the user at the time of use, but is also available commercially. It is held in the mouth and sucked or chewed. Areca nut may sometimes be added to khaini by the user. Khaini is used in South Asia, including the Indian Sub-continent.

With Dilbah Hot Filter Khaini, say yes to the royal richness with this bitter-sweet combination seasoned with aromatic oils, blended with flavoured natural products to produce a refined grade of Indian black tobacco. A premium and exquisite pleasure for your love of Gutkha. Khaini is a preparation made from tobacco leaves, mixed with lime. It is a chew-able product that can also lend freshness to the mouth. Available in easy-to-use filter pouches in different sizes to suit your style statement. It is also available in jumbo size.

Product Specification: Experience the royal richness with this filtered Khaini for every occasion from small to big. A smoothly blended Gutkha to soothe your senses all day long.

Ingredients: Betel nuts, Cardamom, Lime and Catechu.